Looking for a New Stick Vac?

I needed a cordless stick vac to take care of my new hardwoods without scratching them to bits, so I did what I always do when I need to buy any kind of appliance:  started reading reviews on Amazon.com and epinions.com.  One of the highest rated ones on Amazon was the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum– 4.5 stars out of 5 with 1,174 reviews!  That’s almost too good to be true.  And this thing is chock full of features:  it is cordless and bagless with a washable filter, switches easily between beater brush option and suction only, has a whopping 11” wide cleaning nozzle, swivels around effortlessly on soft, wide wheels, has a battery life indicator and a fancy lithium ion battery that pops out for easy charging in an Energy star charging base – and it is cute as a button to boot!  

With the older cordless vacs you had to install some charging base near an outlet to store the vacuum, which meant your vacuum was always in view.  Not cool.  The Linx battery, which is about the size of a large deck of cards, pops out so you can charge it like you would a phone or iPod while the vac is tucked away out of sight.  According to Hoover this type of battery offers fade free power (no dreaded slowing down of the suction as the battery poops out) and it has enough power to deliver the same suction a corded vac would.  Again, this really sounded too good to be true for a cordless vac!

So I order this puppy, put it together, and charge the battery.  One thing I am immediately impressed with is how totally cute this thing is.  I looks like a regular upright vac from pixieland!  The next thing I am impressed with is that the battery charges in less than two hours (the user manual says 3, but mine always charges faster).  The charging base plugs in like a phone charger and the indicator lights let you know that the battery is seated properly and charging and also when the battery is fully charged.

I cannot wait to use my adorable pixie vac, so as soon as the battery is charged I give it a go.  The vac feels substantial, but is very lightweight and easy to zip around with.  The switch has two positions for you to choose from suction-only and the beater brush feature.  This thing has some serious suction power!  It got up every speck off the floor, including all around the room edges.  And the beater brush actually lifted the nap of my carpet – albeit not as much as my regular big-boy upright, but plenty good to touch up the carpets.  After zipping around the downstairs (hardwoods and tile throughout and carpet in the family room) I also did the stairs.  We have 2 flights of carpeted stairs that are a royal pain to keep clean.  My old stick vac just really didn’t do the trick and my canister and upright vacs are so unweildy on stairs.  I had a bad accident falling down a flight of stairs several years ago, so I hate doing anything on the stairs that feels unstable.  The Linx vac gets up any dirt and also fluffs up the carpet – perfect!  And I don’t feel like I am risking life and limb to do it.  The manual recommends emptying the dirt cup every time you use it, which I thought was excessive.  However, even in my “clean” house (no kids, no pets, no shoes in the house), when I do the downstairs, stairs and a little touch up work upstairs I am astonished at how much junk is in the relatively large dirt cup!  EWW!

A few of the reviews I read complained about the battery conking out after a few months and no longer taking a charge.  It has a two year warranty, so I assume if you get a lemon battery you can get it replaced.  Some other reviewers complained that they couldn’t clean much area on a charge.  I will say you could vacuum a whole house on one charge if you were doing almost exclusively hard surface floors.  If you use this on carpet (i.e. you use the beater brush) it obviously drains the battery much faster.  I can vacuum 3 bathrooms, the kitchen, dining room, front and back halls (all hardwoods or tile), 2 staircases, family room and a quick touch up in our bedroom (all carpet) on one charge.  I’d say about 1800 sq feet, 2/3 of which is hard surface.  I don’t know what some people expect out of a cordless vac, but I’d say that is pretty good.  I absolutely love this vac and would highly recommend it.

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  • Frank  On August 12, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    Covering 1,800 square feet with a cordless vac is pretty impressive! Looks like the LiNX is every bit as good as it sounds.


    • E H Whitesides  On August 12, 2013 at 4:34 PM

      It is – I still really love this little vac!!!


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