Blueberry Grape Jam

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We grow blueberries, so I am always looking for creative ways to cook with blueberries. I made a fabulous riff on the usual blueberry jam by including Thomcord Grapes, and now Blueberry Grape Jam is my new favorite!  The flavor of this jam is very berry-forward but with rich Thomcord grape notes.  A lot of complex flavor from such a simple recipe!

You Only Need Four Ingredients and a Little Time

All you need to make this jam is fruit, sugar, and lemon juice.  You do need to plan to make this when you have time to let the fruit rest.  Because there is no added pectin, the fruit mixture has to rest 2 hours to draw out the natural pectin.

This jam is a little sweeter and more complex than plain blueberry or blueberry-blackberry jams.  If you want a more “grape forward” flavor, use a higher ratio of…

To view the complete recipe with step-by-step instructions on my new website, please click here or on the image above.

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