FreshWorks – Miracle Boxes for Your Produce

freshworksY’all need to get yourself a set of these babies, STAT! (as ever, my product reviews are my own, unsolicited opinions – I don’t get anything for sharing about products I love).

Some people impulse buy in the candy aisle or the shoe department.  Not me.  I impulse buy in the produce aisle.  Those jumbo boxes of baby greens at the warehouse club are my crack.  Trays of Persian cukes, bags of organic sweet peppers, sleeves of sugar peas and haricots vert.  Can’t get enough.  And a Farmer’s Market?  Forget it – I will come home with my own weight in everything available.  Since it’s just the man and me, that means a lot of delicious, mostly organic, expensive veggies find their way into our compost bin.  Those baby greens are the worst.  You know what I mean – you open the bin, take out a few cups, go in there the very next day and blammo – slime city.  So frustrating.

Enter the FreshWorks bins.  I saw an ad for them and ordered a set from Costco. I figured if they didn’t work I would take advantage of Costco’s very generous return policy and get my $ back.  The set was $30 (currently on sale for $24!) and included 2 large bins and one medium bin.  The large bins hold 1 lb of baby greens (those big tubs they sell at the warehouse clubs) or 2 heads of butter lettuce or a large head of Romaine.  The medium bin holds a pound of green beans, sugar peas or a quart of berries.  I have a counter depth fridge (which I hate), and the two large bins fit on one shelf, front to back, with space left over, so not tooooo much of a space bully.  As I eat stuff down I combine different types of produce in one bin.

These things are MAGIC!  You actually get to eat all the baby greens!  The remains of 3 huge heads of butter lettuce and romaine I got at the CSA 2 weeks ago are still crisp and green.  The last few sugar snap peas I bought 2 ½ weeks ago were sweet and crunchy in our salad tonite.  My sister told me she got one and it kept raspberries fresh for 2 weeks.  I don’t know what kind of voodoo the magic membrane in the lid conjures, but it keeps produce fresh for days and days.  My guess is it keeps carbon dioxide in and oxygen out, but who cares?  It keeps your produce fresh and tasty and out of the compost bin!

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  1. I found this product at Bed Bath and Beyond. They sold a small bin, a large one or a combo pack with both bins. I tested out the small bin on a container of berries and was impressed how well it kept them fresh. I now own a large one as well and combine lettuces and other veggies (zucchini, red peppers) together. Even the cut edge of iceberg lettuce stays fresh. Great product!

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