Why You Should Never Shop Online Without Honey

A few weeks ago one of my fave home decor bloggers posted a video about how she uses the shopping app/browser extension, Honey.  I do a huge % of my shopping online so quick like a bunny I signed up (free) and added the extension to my Chrome browser.  Cha-ching!  This thing rocks!

What does Honey do?

Basically as you are shopping online, you can click on the Honey button on your browser and Honey will search for any coupon codes, deals, better values, etc.  On Amazon, Honey is integrated into the product page so the info it generates is right there for you to see.

For example, if you are on Amazon, it will tell you if you are looking at the best deal for that item.  It will also show you if and how the price has fluctuated in the last 60 days or so.  If you don’t need something right away, you can “Droplist” the item, set a target price and Honey will e-mail you if your item hits that price. You guys know that Amazon is like the stock market, with the prices zinging up and down daily, right?

If you are shopping online at a store like Target, you can click on the Honey extension button and it will search for Target online coupon codes for you and display them in a sidebar.  I’m sure you’ve tried online coupon code search sites before (I sure have) and found them to be useless.  The codes RARELY work, and it’s just a huge waste of time. Well, I’ve had amazing luck with the codes I’ve found using Honey, and it takes you zero time for any codes to helpfully pop right up – you don’t need to go to another site, do a search, blah blah blah.

Of course, you can sign up to be inundated with “sales of the day” spams from every vendor you shop with so you can research and keep track of all the coupon codes & sales yourself.  If you have that much time on your hands, you need to rethink how you spend your days.  I have also tried other services that let you know when prices on items drop, but they were so slow – by the time they emailed me, that price was days old and long gone, and they were so complicated to set up!  Honey is quick and easy to use.  Gaah, I love it!

Here’s how I’ve used Honey in the past week and my results:

  • Droplist Feature: Last week I was looking to buy a cast iron pan on Amazon.  It was selling for $25, but Honey showed me that the price frequently dipped to $19 for one day flash sales.  Rather than me having to remember to check Amazon every day for the price of the pan, I Droplisted it.  Honey e-mailed me Saturday that the price had dropped, and boom – pan ordered for $19.
  • Best Deal Feature:  A few days before that I was looking to buy some reusable silicone quart freezer bags.  I did my usual Amazon search and picked what came up as the best price (sorting price from lowest to highest).  Now, I’m sure you know that when you look at an item on Amazon you can click the link that shows you all the sellers of that item, both new and used, so you can find the best price.  The seller I was at showed the best price.  I checked Honey, and it found me another seller on Amazon, with Prime shipping, that sold the same bags for $3 less, which was an 18% savings.  Go figure.
  • Coupon Code Feature:  Today I sat down to renew all my magazine subscriptions, which I try to get through MagazineStore.com (they always have great deals – you just have to remember to turn off auto-renew and manually renew your subscriptions each year to keep getting those super low rates).  Okay, so I was ordering 5 magazines, and Honey found me online coupon codes that gave me 50% off each one of them, for a savings of $22.50! [Yeah, you read that right – I got a year of Martha Stewart Living, Allrecipes, Good Housekeeping, Cook’s Country and Cook’s Illustrated for $22.50 total – plus a bonus year of Rachael Ray Everyday for $3! 6 mags for $25.50 – that’s why I love that site!!!]

So this week alone this app has saved me $31.50 on stuff I would have happily paid full price for because I had no way to know there were coupon codes/flash sales out there.

  1. $6 on cast iron pan
  2. $3 on silicone bags
  3. $22.50 on magazine subscriptions (actually I saved $37.50 because Cooks Illustrated had sent me a renewal bill for $40 for the year, but I paid $25 thru Magazine store, minus the 50% off from using Honey)

Honey probably does other things that you can find out about if you check out their site, which I highly recommend you do!

Blessings, E <><

***I did not receive any compensation for recommending these products or services***



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