Snowscapes and Fun with Waterlogue App

We got a rare proper snowfall today (six inches!) and it was magical.

The man and I went for a couple of walks to bask in the beauty and that wonderful silence when all you can hear is the snow falling.  And our neighbor’s adorable toddler squealing with delight.  That was pretty wonderful too.

Of course I couldn’t resist bringing my camera and firing up Waterlogue.  Teaser: I will be doing a post later to show some fun things you can do with your Waterlogue creations!


The towering Magnolia in our front yard


Our neighbor’s Pines and Maples.  This is my favorite of the Waterlogues


Now these are some flocked trees.  I gotta get one of those for Christmas next year… And if that’s tacky, I don’t want to know!


Our beautiful old Dogwood.  The Waterlogue reminds me of a Jackson Pollack I saw in NYC



This pretty lady let me get quite a few snaps


Here are 3 Waterlogues of this pic to demonstrate the variety of looks you can achieve with this app.  I LOVE it!


Our neighbor has the most gorgeous Crepe Myrtles.  I try not to envy…

Our street.  I think we have a Christmas card or craft here. I don’t know where all those faint purples came from, but they are everything!


The Villa

Our front yard


This is a holly we call Cousin It.  For years only his lower branches grew and grew along the ground, and if we didn’t prune him constantly, he looked like Cousin It.  This Waterlogue is another one that needs to be turned into a Christmas card.


I got the first 3″ off in the afternoon, he got the last 3.  My shoulders are not amused.


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  1. I loved the pics of ‘the villa’ as well as the one of your street in watercolor to go along with cousin it for next years Christmas cards. Beautiful shots!

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