Quick Tip: DIY FREE Potscrubbers

Every once in awhile two problems collide to solve each other…

Problem one:  I love my hand crocheted washcloths because they are fun to make, easy to clean/sterilize and gentle on my dishes.  They are, however, useless when confronted with a stuck on mess.  I refuse to use plastic scruffies because they are expensive, impossible to sterilize so they quickly get nasty, and fall apart after a couple uses.

Problem two:  I am on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic in my life.  I am obsessive about recycling, and I hate it when something plastic has to go in the trash.  I buy shallots in 1lb bags at my warehouse club, and they come in a plastic mesh bag that I hated throwing out (the purple netting above).

Then inspiration struck…

Those plastic netting bags are the PERFECT substitute for a plastic scruffie!

You can fold them into whatever size square you need.  I sometimes insert my washcloth into the bag to create a combo scrubby-washcloth.

When you are done, they unfold completely to quickly and easily clean in soapy water.  They dry practically instantly so NO opportunity for germs, bacteria, mold, etc. to grow!

If I use them on something particularly germy or greasy, I just toss them.  I keep a little bag of them under the sink and grab one whenever I need a bit of scrubbing power.  All kinds of things come in these plastic mesh bags – garlic, citrus fruits, avocados, onions, etc..  I bet you throw out at least one of these a week.

I just LOVE finding a way to reuse something that would otherwise end up in the trash!  Enjoy…

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