8 Reasons You Should Switch to Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls - the greatest thing to happen to laundry since the invention of the washer and dryer! I love finding eco-friendly products to keep my home and family happy and healthy.  Laundry products are a big area where your choices can impact not only your and your family's health but the environment too. ... Continue Reading →


Why You Should Never Shop Online Without Honey

A few weeks ago one of my fave home decor bloggers posted a video about how she uses the shopping app/browser extension, Honey.  I do a huge % of my shopping online so quick like a bunny I signed up (free) and added the extension to my Chrome browser.  Cha-ching!  This thing rocks! What does... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Ingredients – Part 2

I'm sharing my favorite ingredients, things I reach for over and over.  In Part 1 I talked about Dolin Dry Vermouth, Citrus Oils, Nut Oils, Clarified Butter and imported San Marzano tomatoes.  Today I'm moving on with the next 5, again in no particular order.  You may remember I had originally titled these posts "My... Continue Reading →

New Kitchen Toys and Donut Joys!

The last three weeks have been pretty glum around here.  We've endured non-stop cold, cloudy days with occasional apocalyptic downpours.  The most un-Springlike Spring I've ever spent in North Carolina.  But a great big box on my doorstep from the King Arthur Flour Co. put the sunshine back into my life!  KA had one of... Continue Reading →


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