8 Reasons You Should Switch to Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls - the greatest thing to happen to laundry since the invention of the washer and dryer! I love finding eco-friendly products to keep my home and family happy and healthy.  Laundry products are a big area where your choices can impact not only your and your family's health but the environment too. ... Continue Reading →


FreshWorks – Miracle Boxes for Your Produce

Y'all need to get yourself a set of these babies, STAT! (as ever, my product reviews are my own, unsolicited opinions - I don't get anything for sharing about products I love). Some people impulse buy in the candy aisle or the shoe department.  Not me.  I impulse buy in the produce aisle.  Those jumbo... Continue Reading →

The Trader Joe’s Report – vol. 2

In my previous post on Trader Joe's I talked about my favorite "specialty" products and treats from Trader Joe's.  Today I'm sharing a few Trader Joe's favorites that I tend to have on hand every day: Baguettes and Ciabatta Loaves – The fresh baked breads are winners.  They are baked locally and are fresh and delicious.... Continue Reading →


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