Pilot Mountain

The first time I saw Pilot Mountain was on a road trip to Indiana.  As you zip along scenic Hwy 52 toward the VA border, Pilot Mountain suddenly leaps into view, looking like absolutely nothing else in the area! We have since driven by Pilot Mountain on several trips and vowed that one day we... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Travelogue 4 – Lexington, Horses and Bourbon

We spent our time in Lexington doing two quintessential Kentucky things - visiting Thoroughbred horse farms and touring Bourbon distilleries.  I booked an afternoon horse farm tour out of Lexington, and I wanted to have lunch at a well-reviewed place in the country.  Since we really aren't Bourbon fans (hmmm...I should say weren't because we... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Travelogue 3 – Frankfort & Versailles

Before we set off for Frankfort, we were treated to another over-the-top Central Park B&B breakfast of orange ricotta pancakes, sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs and a poached seckle pear with berries.  Normally the only thing I consume before 11 am is a humongous cafe au lait, so all this early morning culinary effort is somewhat wasted... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Travelogue 9 – Remembering and Honoring A Brother

Sometimes God orchestrates the coolest things.  This day is a good illustration.  Before I tell you about it, I want to throw a few "disclaimers" out there.  I realize in sharing this information that I am treading on sensitive and hallowed ground.  I am not a historian nor the family spokesperson.  What follows are my... Continue Reading →

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