10 Ways to Make (and Keep) the Holidays Happy

The Holidays (and by that I mean Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) really are "the most wonderful time of the year".  But more often than not they are a festival of stress, anxiety, debt, busyness and self-inflicted drama. I understand why the Holidays can be lonely times, or sad when someone close has passed away... Continue Reading →


Holiday Decorating Tips

I REALLY love decorating my home for the seasons and holidays.  Over the years I've developed a system that makes it easy and fun and hopefully keeps things looking fresh and festive.  Here are some tips to get your holiday decorating going: Keep Your Stuff Organized If you don't know where stuff is or it's... Continue Reading →

Apple-Cheddar Pull Apart Bread with Variations

It's finally cooling off around here (truth be told it's literally freezing), and that means several things.  Clothes and bedding are swapped out for snugglier options, my army of space heaters is stationed at their posts, and I don't have to think twice about heating the house up to do some baking!  This afternoon I... Continue Reading →


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