Kentucky Travelogue 4 – Lexington, Horses and Bourbon

We spent our time in Lexington doing two quintessential Kentucky things - visiting Thoroughbred horse farms and touring Bourbon distilleries.  I booked an afternoon horse farm tour out of Lexington, and I wanted to have lunch at a well-reviewed place in the country.  Since we really aren't Bourbon fans (hmmm...I should say weren't because we... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Travelogue 3 – Frankfort & Versailles

Before we set off for Frankfort, we were treated to another over-the-top Central Park B&B breakfast of orange ricotta pancakes, sausage, cheesy scrambled eggs and a poached seckle pear with berries.  Normally the only thing I consume before 11 am is a humongous cafe au lait, so all this early morning culinary effort is somewhat wasted... Continue Reading →

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