Alaska Travelogue Part 9 – Ketchikan

Ketchikan If Icy Strait was a bit of a letdown, Ketchikan more than made up for it.  As I’ve mentioned before, the weather wasn’t exactly balmy blue skies every day, but we were especially prepared for bad weather in Ketchikan, which receives rain approximately 350 days a year.  I booked a kayak outing with Southeast... Continue Reading →

Alaska Travelogue Part 8 – Icy Strait

Icy Strait Our day in Icy Strait was the one wee hiccup of not-as-fabulous on our little tour of Alaska.  That is not to say we had a bad time, but we could have had a better, cheaper time.  Icy Strait is a “made up” port walking distance from the town of Hoonah.  It is... Continue Reading →

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