Have You Tried Wool Dryer Balls?

Wool dryer balls - the greatest thing to happen to laundry since the invention of the washer and dryer! I am a bit of a tree hugger, but I draw the line at sacrificing quality or efficacy when looking for eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  A few years back I went thru a phase of trying every... Continue Reading →


Quick Tip: DIY FREE Potscrubbers

Every once in awhile two problems collide to solve each other... Problem one:  I love my hand crocheted washcloths because they are fun to make, easy to clean/sterilize and gentle on my dishes.  They are, however, useless when confronted with a stuck on mess.  I refuse to use plastic scruffies because they are expensive, impossible... Continue Reading →

Easy, Elegant Mushroom Bisque – Plus a Bonus Recipe

This soup blows the doors off the canned stuff and delivers instant comfort. It's so quick and easy, I actually make it for myself for a weekday lunch, and the leftovers are just as magical the next day! First let me say that Better Than Bouillon's Mushroom Base is the magic ingredient.  Mushrooms are naturally... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cake Cookie Bon Bons

Whoa, I know that title is a mouthful, but these yummy Christmas confections are a magical blend of part fruit cake (don't think the gross kind full of soggy nuts and chemical laden frankenfruits), part cookie and part candy-like bon bon.  They are chock full of real dried fruits and citrus rinds, crunchy walnuts, and... Continue Reading →


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